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Catherine Isaacson
, founder of CENTRE PILATES®, grew up in the Loire Valley, France, where she was a tomboy, a jock, a gymnast and a swimmer. She moved to the US and worked for a number of years as a TV Producer/Director and a professional Narrator.

Then, fifteen years ago, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. She used weight lifting to strengthen her weakened muscles, which also muted her pain. Later, her car was hit twice from behind, resulting in a debilitating herniated disk. Instead of medication or surgery, she embraced Pilates. She came back to life thriving and happy.

Catherine was one of a select few worldwide to be accepted in the prestigious Independent Study Program with protégée of Joe Pilates, Romana Kryzanowska, former Balanchine Dancer and the current recognized authority in Pilates. After completing over 800 hours of rigorous training to become certified in the Authentic Method by Romana, Catherine devoted herself to helping others.

Art Carey, writing about Catherine and the effectiveness of her teaching in the Philadelphia Inquirer, stated: "For starters, she has an alluring French accent and, for a woman of a certain age (48) a killer bod."

"We educate our minds; similarly we need to educate our bodies," Catherine asserts. "Pilates was a stepping stone and it led me to reach a high level of physical health and conscious awareness."

Catherine with Daniella

Pilates is not complicated- we tailor it to the individual. But all Pilates is not the same. Pilates in its authentic form is very specific and requires closely supervised training if one is to perform it properly, safely, and achieve the proven benefits that Joe Pilates envisioned and that we, at CENTRE PILATES® consistently achieve. Simply, authentic Pilates works!!! It helped me and I am devoted to seeing others achieve results that include for increased quality of life, health and longevity.

Our authentically designed equipment is faithful to Joe Pilates' original design. Anything else would take you years to achieve the same results.

An authentic studio is comprehensive. It features more then the popular Reformer. Each apparatus addresses muscles on a different plane. It is therefore essential to experience a variety of equipment for a complete body workout. A Certified Pilates Teacher should have an intimate knowledge of all 500 movements on all the different apparatus and know the rationale for each movement to obtain predictable results, either in Private or Group sessions.

At CENTRE PILATES®, Catherine establishes a deeper connection with Joe Pilates' work, emphasizing the QI and STRENGTH in the workout she practices and teaches. For baby boomers in particular, strengthening the entire body is essential to increase bone and muscle mass to achieve optimal health. After reviewing archival footage of Joe Pilates she was prompted to integrate a more vigorous workout and utilize heavier weights in her practice. Result: Clients who are thrilled to achieve a more sculpted body and increased strength beyond the benefits typically achieved with Pilates - beyond movements and dynamics. “Once you attain a strong powerhouse, you need to reach deeper in your body to harness the energy from within to effect your movements." States Catherine “I visualize the Qi as a pit in a peach.” She continues “Your Qi knows no boundary: it can always become stronger. The Qi connects you to your environment and the universe beyond.”

"Our goal, our mission and our reality at CENTRE PILATES® , is for each client to achieve full potential.”
--Catherine Isaacson


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